Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day of School (Pre K 4)

Another school year starts again.

Caroline was so excited to start Pre K 4

She even picked out her own clothes.

She did not want us to walk her in, Miss Independent.  Finally we convinced her that if she let us go in for the first day that she could walk in by herself all of the other days. 

Last Hurrah!

Jake and Caroline took a couple of days and headed over to Valdosta to go to Wild Adventures.  Caroline started school the next week so this blog is appropriately titled "Last Hurrah!" They both had a blast and I am so jealous I did not get to go. 

Caroline's 4th birthday parties

Caroline had a friends party at Chick-fil-a.

And a family party at Jake's parents house.

Atlanta for Caroline's 4th birthday

Jake was in Atlanta working so Caroline and I drove up for a long weekend so we could celebrate her birthday together.

Caroline met John Isner.

Caroline took this picture of Jake's match.

The morning of Caroline's birthday she got to open her presents.

She got a princess sleeping bag she had been asking for.

She also got a karokee machine!

That night we went to the Cheesecake Factory for birthday dinner.

Sunday we went to the chirldrens museum which is Caroline's favorite place in Atlanta. 

Next we went across the street and watched the Olympic Rings fountain in Centential Park.

Even more misc.

At the beach.

 My poor, pathetic, sick kid.

 Saying goodbye at the airport

Girls Weekend #2

For our 2nd girls weekend we flew to Raleigh, North Carolina to see Kristin and meet up with Mary Hall and Cathy.

We went to DUKE!

I showed Caroline why we named our dog Cameron!

She even got to go inside.

American Tabacco in Durham.

It rained on the 4th of July, but we made the best of it and did our own fireworks in the front yard.

I love this kid!

Girls Weekend #1

Our first girls weekend of 2011 was in Gulf Shores, Alabama with Robin, Paulan, Mesha and Summer.  We brought the kids and had a fun time at the beach!